Royal Q Robot Review: Is it safe or a scam?

Royal Q Robot Review: Is it safe or a scam?

Royal Q Robot Review: Is it safe , or is it a scam?

If you've been into the crypto sector and are now aware that it's an entirely different place with many options and tools. Of course, there are tools. One of these is the cryptocurrency trading bot that can make life easier for traders and speculators alike.

Disclaimer I am not an advisor in the field of financial services or a crypto Expert. My opinions are based solely on my personal experience. The information is solely for educational purpose.

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With so many people depend on trading bots that use crypto that are constantly being developed, more and more developers are creating fraudulent software that can help ease trading market. Most have to be discarded due to trading losses.

And , in recent times there's a lot publicity surrounding"RoyalQ," the Royal Q robot which has received a lot of praise because of its financial success. In the end, we'll discover whether it's profitable or not. I've been trading with this bot for two months and am therefore able to provide you with a detailed explanation of how the system works along with sharing my first impression, analytics as well as the entire experience.

First, let's find out what made it gain so great popularity?

Royal Q's user-friendly interface is super simple to use.

Great Referral system for earning steady passive income.

Mobile app to automate trading in crypto.

Integration Integration Binance App and Huobi to trade.

A low commission rate and one-time activation fees make it ideal for everyone.

That's a array of pros. In addition, I can say from my own experience that Royal Q is not a scam.

What is Royal Q?

Royal Q is an automated trading online platform for cryptocurrencies that trades for you within an account with Binance or Huobi account by using API settings.

It was introduced in 2017, and the speculative tool supports over fifty of the top cryptos for trading, including reputable institutions with a world presence.

Also, the purchasers do not need have any experience in trading in order to buy and sell the cryptocurrency market. This is a perfect opportunity for beginners.

How to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot with Binance API step by step guide

First Impression:

To my surprise, my initial impressions were fairly good. There were not any colorful gummy hues, and no Egyptian hieroglyphs , no user interface. Everything was as simple as tap water, simple and easy to understand, so I registered fast before deciding to try the chat feature for support. I requested a few technical inquiries regarding crypto development.

They replied in less than five minutes . They gave a concise helpful, constructive, almost the kind of fatherly advice. I feel astonished because I utilized this chat support system in other cryptocurrency exchange platforms and in fact, I'm still growing a big beard and waiting for an answer on this platform. The other platforms that attempted to provide me with unspecific answers, rubbish, unimportant or just plain silly.

Overall Summary of Royal Q:

Royal Q is an authentic bot that works with Binance and Huobi offering an 80:20% profit ratio. (Royal Q is able to take 20% of the profits of your money and earns profits of 80%.)

Continuous income is guaranteed by 24/7 monitoring of the system, the customer only has to make a depositing $140 and the robots do the rest. ($120 for a year's subscription , and the remainder of $20 for gas fuel)

The deposit range needed by investors wanting to use the system ranges from $100 to $15,000 ( Amounts range from $100 to 2000 in your Binance or Huobi account to ensure your bot can trade from it)

RoyalQ isn't able to access or access to your Binance and Huobi account. The bot's sole trade is from your account so you aren't required to worry about it.

The overall win rate for transactions on the app are 97%, which is very impressive.

What's the mechanism?

One thing I observed is the fact that trading risks are substantially lower when using Royal Q because the trading robots are extremely fast and smooth.

There are two different ways to earn money with Royal Q.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Affiliate (Referral)


The main aim is to create a bot that can make profit for us via quantitative trading. For those who want to start trading, first , you'll need create an account on RoyalQ's official site, and then link it to Binance as well as the Huobi API so that it can trade on your account with no human touch. Additionally, the Royal Q platform doesn't have any access to your deposited funds, which makes it more secure for you.

After you've created your accounts on the internet, you have to do is to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee as this machine can trade for you depending on the amount of capital you have and the return on investment varies between 20 to 50% per month based the trading habits you have chosen using compound interest.

This is an image of my earnings during the week before.


Apart from trading and affiliate programs, the Royal Q affiliate program will be something to better into. This is not some standard "bring a friend, get a one-time reward" scheme that almost all exchanges run. By the way they've designed the structure, it's possible to think of making a business model around this entry point. Not to mention the simple fact that this application is the highest-tech industry-wide by definition.

First of all, the platform has six types of levels for referrals. Guys, this has no precedent within the industry; not to throw names around, but certain 'B'-based platforms have one or two levels and that's it. Here you can grow your orchard with as large a number of branches and roots according to your own imagination to.

The first level the first level, you'll be paid a $30 instant commission on everyone you refer, and receive a commission on their trades. This means the earning increase with the referral's volume increases.

So , this platform is one of the most effective referral systems that allows you to earn profits passively. Your bot will trades all hours of the day and earns profits. Do you think that sounds appealing?

Read how to register and activate RoyalQ bot step-by-step

How to Get Started on Royal Q

To get started, just click here. The process is a three step procedure.

1) Create an Account

To open an account you'll only need to input an email address. Then, click send verification code to receive the confirmation in your email , and later, you will need to create a password. Then click the sign-up button to complete.

After that, you'll be able to download the application. Do not forget to first create an account and then download the app legally from there.

2.) Inactivate your account

Log in to your account after installing the application on your smartphone so that you can create your account.

Click over "Mine" on the app after which go to "asset" where you will discover a "deposit".

Make a copy of your Royal Q wallet address on the deposit section to ensure that it can be used to send $140 (TRC-20) to the wallet's address. After that, you can activate your account after clicking on activate.

3.) API Binding through Binance

Once you have activated your account it is time to connect the bot you created with your Binance and Huobi account.

If you do not have a Binance account however, you are able to make one here.

First, sign into your Binance account, then click More - Other – API Management

Create API by writing "ROYAL Q" and then click on the create button.

Once you've edited the page, it set the API's constraint settings.

Only the boxes you'll check must be "Enable Reading" and "Enable Spot & Margin Trading." The rest of the boxes will remain unticked

Download your API key as well as the secret key from this page.

Explore you Royal Q app and click API binding - Binance . after that, paste it into the Binance app.

Congrats!! Now your bot is ready to trade.

You must ensure that you have an amount of USDT In your Binance account. If you do not then deposit it so that the bot can trade it. $1000-$2000 will be very ideal starting point, but you can start with $100. It all depends on the individual.

4) Start Trading

Let's trade. Open your app and you can click "Quantitative" just right to the main page.

There's plenty of pairs over here. You can select based on your preferences and click "start".

To view your day-to-day earnings, just click on "Revenue" on the home.

How to register and then activate RoyalQ bot using Binance API Step-by-step guide

If you encounter any problems or require help then feel free to reach at us through the RoyalQ chat option. If  royal q robot hindi  want to chat with us, have to simply open the RoyalQ application, click "news" and then click on "My Counselor" and then you'll be able to see CashCrawl as your counselor. From there you can chat